Sunday, November 11, 2012

A batch of easy Christmas “Thank you” notes

Hi there, I have had one of these weeks where I did want to craft but hardly found the time to do so.
So today I would like to show you a few simple cards I have made using Magnolia Mini stamps.

All card bases came from Michaels $1 Dollar bin and were on sale 50 percent off so I got by example the pack of 6 cards you see on the first photo (with gold embossed frame and “Thank you” really inexpensive.Claudia_Rosa_Mini_Thank you_3

I did keep the set of blue cards on purpose rather simple and flat, because they went into my personal mail and the first card went as sample to Sir Stampalot. Did you know that Janice and Andy have a selection of Magnolia Mini stamps? It is just hard to locate them on the web page. Please click on the link and it will get you right there.
As you can tell.. this week was really busy, I did not even bother to carry the 3 cards into my photo tent. I took the photo of the cards in front of my stamp storage. All my stamps are stored by collection in a plastic clam shell container, they can be easily labeled with a Dymo writer if you need or just leave it. They are my best investment for small craft areas. You can stack them really neatly on top of each other or sideways, you can see what you have in them and just pull it out. They do NOT open! I have everything sorted in them… from flowers by color, brads, bling stickers, lace , buttons and so on you name it. While I was in England this year I noticed in the shop that Sir Stampalot does carry them. If you like to have a look, hey are available 3 different sizes, thin, medium thick and the largest, like you see on in my photo.

Claudia_Rosa_Mini_Thank you_1

Magnolia Mini stamps through Sir Stampalot
Spellbinder Pinking Circle
Magnolia die 1, Magnolia flower, Magnolia mistletoe
Sentiment: Lili of the Valley
Plastic storage containers

I almost want to apologize for my rather basic cards I show you today Smile but I do need them often for my personal use and I do not always post them on my blog because I feel like that’s not what you guys really want to see Smile


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  1. Hallo Claudia,
    mir gefallen deine Karten immer; auch diese "schlichten" Karten =)
    Vielen Dank für deinen Tip mit der Aufbewahrung. Ich suchte, bin eben, noch nach einer Möglichkeit, meine Vielzahl an Stempeln, bei wenig Platz, zu verstauen. Danke.
    Liebe Grüße