Thursday, July 12, 2012

Little Miss MuuMuu

Claudia_Rosa_MIss Mu Mu_1

Well… is she not cute???? When I was making the card I was already envisioning me and my boys going for a hike on the German Alps. I used to do this like once or twice a year in summer and my friends and I would always stop by a "Kaeserei” a shop where they make the cheese right there fresh using milk the cows produce. Meaning those cows eat just the grass there on the alps and I think they can kind of run around wild I guess, or have large areas they can feed. Heck what do I know… I am not a city girl but the the town is rather large. hahaha for me seeing no fence means “wild” and be careful… something might bite you in your behind. hahahaha Luckily Miss MuuMuu seams to be a very friendly one Smile

Claudia_Rosa_MIss Mu Mu_2

Stamps: Miss MuuMuu – Summer Memories
Papers: Simple.. something.. I forgot
Paper doily, Stampin up Ribbon, Wild Orchid flowers and the card was done in no time

Claudia_Rosa_MIss Mu Mu_3


  1. This is lovely Claudia and so sweet x

  2. A beautiful card and a sweet motif. Who made it?
    Greetings Dani

  3. Wunderschoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!