Monday, September 27, 2010

Show your colors

Hello, thank you for swinging by.
My card today features Tilda with flag from the new Apple Cherry collection. I could not resist to alter the flag with a pen and some extra color into “MY” colors. :-) Yes, i live in the US but i am through and through German from the area Stuttgart/Munich.

I had the papers for this card already picked when the idea with the flag came to mind.. so getting the black/red and yellow right for my pattern paper wasn’t really easy. Especially with the red i had problems.. so there is a lot of mixing with different colors of Copic markers going on. This new paper i have, is really nice and forgiving if you go over and over and add.. which was definitely a plus on this card.

Claudia_Rosa_See you later_1

hahahaha… yes as much as iam proud to be German.. i do not have a single German sentiment. I was considering to print one with the Computer but my mind was stuck with that circular embellishment i wanted on that spot. Too sad that the German Oktoberfest is already over. This would make a nice card for someone who loves to go there….

Claudia_Rosa_See you later

and because i have made myself rare over the weekend :-) Lucas helping to prep the yard with party decorations for his big birthday party on Saturday. My hubby build those two benches (light brown) for the kids last week – :-) I must say iam pretty proud of my handy husband


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