Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Day Before Christmas

or just before 2013 ends I am able to post something on my blogs again.
It has been so long since I was able to sit and craft after our move and than honestly I was feeling so unsecure about my coloring that it felt I had to start all over again. Seeing all the lovely cards from you guys delivered by Bloglovin was nice over the months but also it made me feel - "I cant color like this anymore or I cant do THIS"
Lots has happened after the move. I want to keep this short but I know some of you might be interested. After we purchased the house we ran into many problems with the house we did not foresee nor the house inspection caught. Not only did this set us back time wise but also as you can imagine was a expensive. The house we purchased as I told you earlier was owned by an old lady and she just gave up on it and they never updated or repaired anything on the house or property.

We knew we needed a new kitchen and as we got ready to tile the floor my husband got very sick and needed an emergency surgery. He is well now but of course after that he needed to get rest and was unable to lift anything . So all our "projects" were on hold.
Where are we jet :-) well... lets put it this way... I have still no kitchen in my house, after the cabinets were delivered about 60% of them arrived in such bad condition that we just simply could not accept them just to HAVE a kitchen in. As of now I have most of the cabinets sitting in the kitchen or in my family room. Its a MESS.  I will post some of the photos below the card photo if you are interested ... keep scrolling down otherwise I think I want to show you the card I made. I quickly took this photo in my living room. Not sure if I will get my tent up anytime soon - I kind of like the "look" of it and its so much faster. I colored this image together with Angie who helped me with her new Tim Holtz Distress Markers and water coloring. It was a nice day with her just crafting :-)
A Day Before Christmas Edwin
Paper: Watercolour

Thank you :-)

here are some photos taken yesterday of my kitchen.... we had to redo walls, fix a big hole in the floor, ripped a layer of tiles and laminat out in order to tile, removed one larger window so we can have the peninsula come out right underneath the window, open a wall to make the entry larger to the family room

I am quite happy how my cabinets turned out ... here in the USA the trend is right now to have all white cabinets, my husband hates it :-) so our compromise was to go with Maple cabinets in grey stained with an ebony brush finish. I am going to have a white Granite as counter top.


  1. Just absolutely wonderful. Gr Marja

  2. Your Card is Stunning!! .. And I must say.. You have NOT lost any coloring skills.. Not at all.!! so don´t you worry about that.. I can see that you have quite a lot to do in the house still.. But I hope you all are HAPPY AND WELL.. in the middle of it.. That is the most important thing.. :o).. And I am glad to hear that your husbands surgery went well.. Take the time to enjoy life, family and friends instead.. And I am sure someone has a Christmas home to welcome you to.. So that you don´t have to worry about that..

    Looking forward to see your Beautiful Creations in the future!! And remember.. it is only a house... Enjoy each other!!!
    Wish you a Wonderful Christmas!.. A finished house in the end of 2014.. :o) and A wonderful Creative 2014 also.. And not to forget.. -Good Health!! Lots of hugs from Norway! :o)

  3. Well, being away for a while sure doesn't show in your work. Your coloring and your cards are amazing as always! Welcome back!! : )