Friday, March 8, 2013

Sewing and stamping–my new sewing machine cover

Hello there… thank you for swinging by.

I was so sick this week I did not craft or spent much time in my craft room at all. Today I went in the room to tidy up a bit and thought I could take at some photos of the sewing machine cover I made for my machine about 2 weeks ago and post the pictures onto my blog.

I know the photos are not great… I did not pull any of my daylight lamps out from the other room and my furniture are all black so the light I get from the window does not reflect very much. Hopefully you still find this posting interesting to still read further and might want to try to make one yourself.Claudia_Rosa_sewing machine cover_4
I was surprised how easy it was to pull this off. I had some extra fabric when my mother in law made for my kitchen curtains. I like the simple but heavier fabric and the colors go nicely with my craft room. I draped the fabric over my machine – measuring the widest and longest point and than from there I just pinned and sewed.

Since the cover does have a left and a right side – I wanted a little focal point image so I know right away what is the front is. I wanted a image that is timeless and pretty… the cute flower vases I found in Magnolias Valentines Collection was just what I was looking for. The image was stamped onto a canvas style fabric with Versa Craft stamp pad and carefully and quickly colored in with Copic markers. I also added some Stickles.. not sure if that would do well if I wash the cover but I don’t care right now about it. I just love the sparkle.

Claudia_Rosa_sewing machine cover_2

Here is a shot to show you what I mean with left and right side – I did not close one seam to the right all the way for the cables. This way the cover slides nicely over the machine and does not sit crooked over it.

Claudia_Rosa_sewing machine cover_5

Here is a shot from the right side.. you can see the box type sewing I did to the corners – when you have your fabric left side just pinch “like” triangles, pin and sew over it – turn fabric inside out and it will look like this.

Oh, I also used some wide cream twine I kept from some Pottery Barn Kids bedding and I stamped all around the twine with a pretty bold lettered sentiment stamp “hello, you” and sewed the ribbon to the front and back horizontally. I kept it simple with additional decorations just some seam binding ribbon in cream with a pretty sparkle button and a deep red felt flower.

Claudia_Rosa_sewing machine cover_3

that’s it. If you are interested in a better explanation how I sewed it.. leave me a comment – I might make a second cover for my friend Tammi (if she likes this one) and I could take some photos and post those to the blog later.

Well… I go and lay for a little while onto the sofa before I have to get my kids from school. I hope you are all well and I see you soon again.
With love



  1. It is a beautiful cover Claudia. You have so much talent. I love your cover, beautiful material. The flowers are colored so pretty. You did a great job!

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