Thursday, October 11, 2012

My “other” tick :-)

well… some of you may have noticed, that I became maybe a little “obsessed” with Pandora jewelry.
I think I even dream of Pandora bracelets, necklaces and beads lol
Its all so pretty and I think what really got to me, was the fact that their product gives me the opportunity to be creative in my own ways. I love how I can chance my bracelets themes or colors depending what I wear. Every piece can be so unique.


Anyhow.. so every time you go to the shop and you purchase like 2 beads, they would give them to me in such a pretty jewelry box. They are way to cute to just let them sit in a drawer. I know that I am going to give “some sweet friends” not saying aaaany names here Smile Pandora as gifts for Christmas. I did alter already 6 boxes, 3 small ones (pictured)e and the large ones (bracelet boxes) those are already sent of – I needed gifts and totally forgot to take a photo of those.


I think I am showing those little boxes because you can decorate even little boxes made from paper – I think there is a easy tutorial on Papertrey ink how to fold, and just a few DooHickey dies the boxes in some adorable gifts. I am sure your friends or family will like them and best of all, if you have the box, the decoration is really quick and easy!

Tip: If you use tuelle in stead of ribbon, you can easily slide your entire band on and off your box because the tuelle is so stretchy. I took mine on and off all the time to make sure I am not gluing any embellishments onto the box and the band slid snug over the box every time.


Let me tell you what I have used in case you can not recognize them on the photos

Boxes are as mentioned hard flip lid boxes by Pandora
DooHickey Dies: tree, heart and star, snowflake
Flowers and feather – Dollar castle
Bakers twine, hemp, glass glitter, stickles, gems, tuelle in pink and blue, slilver bead ribbon (Michaels),


  1. What a lovely idea, these are gorgeous, Hugs, Brittany, xx

  2. Wunder, wunderschoene Verpackung!!!!! So erschaffend bin Ich leider nicht!