Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hello ladies,

we had this week a bad weather and the entire basement got flooded with water from the suer and rain water.

My craft area is downstairs and as of today i was not able to even go downstairs to get some things upstairs.

Once i figure out how i can re-arrange my things upstairs i will color again - i miss it already but for now i just have to wait things out and see how fast the companies will get things back as they were. Due to the mixture of water that came into the house, we will have to rip everything out, toss it and start all over again.
For now it would be just nice to be even able to have warm water to get a shower :-( and wash our clothes :-(

I do try to think positive... my kids, my husband, the pets everybody is fine..... it could have been worse.

Thanks for listening

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  1. So sorry you are having to go through this Claudia. Praying that all works out soon and you are back to crafting and coloring..

  2. So sorry Claudia!!! Glad everyone is o.k. and hope you get things back to normal soon! Praying...Hugs! Leah Ann

  3. "Things" can always be replaced, my dear friend! So happy you and your family are all OK!!!!!

  4. So sorry to hear of your predicament. These things can be very stressful. I hope that everything is sorted as quickly as possible and am glad that you and your family are all OK.
    Keep Smiling. Hugs, Janine xx

  5. Sorry to hear that , but happy that your most important "things" are safe.
    My thoughts are with you.
    Warm hugs

  6. Oh no!!! I've experienced this and it can be so overwhelming. Big hugs!!! Hang in there and I hope everything gets taken care of quickly for you. Be sure to take lots of photographs when you get to that point, for insurance purposes.

  7. Been there, done that. I know how you feel and I feel sorry for you!
    But, as you said, all we can do is to thank our lucky star that it is THINGS we lost and not our loved ones in some tragic way.
    My best wishes I send to you and looking forward to see your lovely work again when you are back in buisness!

    Many hugs!


  8. OH Claudia honey I feel for you, your family and pets, hope things get back to normality asap. Take care, look after yourself and your loved ones.