Saturday, July 10, 2010

To Someone with a big heart

Hi, how are you???
OMG.. just a few more days at our vacation destination and than we have to think about packing back our luggage and come back home. I think by now i might miss my Copics and my stamps :-) who knows :-)

This card is a oldie but goldy hahaha.. i made this actually for Magnolia ink 3 but it has not made the cut.. than it was in consideration for ink 4 but it has not made the cut
Since the card was intentionally to display all the wonderful Magnolia stamps – i used a lot on this card all can be found in the Pet Collection except the sentiment. That’s an older retired Stampin up one.
Zoo keeper Tilda, Banana Peel, Foliage, Lion are all in the Pet Collection
Papers are DCWVClaudia_Rosa_BigHeart_4

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