Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hello ladies,
i am so sorry for not telling you what is happening here.

First "Thank you so much for all your comments and some of you even sent me a email asking if i am okay".

Well... if you have had a chance to read a few postings back, you may remember that i told you guys about our plans to sell our current house. It has been way busier and took way longer, than we had estimated to add a second full bathroom and finish our sun room. We literally finished the bathroom last Sunday. But rewind a bit back :-)

As we thought of selling our house, we also went to look at new homes. We ended up liking one house and it was sold, than we put an offer on an other home (foreclosure) and we lost the bid on it. After a few weeks the first house, we liked on the first place came back on the market (deal fell through) and after endless home inspections, negotiating with the sellers, more meetings we contractors, again negotiating with sellers we ended up purchasing the house. It is a nice house in a great neighborhood, but it does need a lot of work (what did hubby get me into AGAIN). The house belonged  to an elderly lady who was unable to keep up with it in anyway possible and after she passed away it even stood empty for 2 years. Which of course was not good for it. Once we take ownership of the home, we will have a company repair things we can't fix and the rest we tackle our self.
On July 1 we listed our house, still with the bathroom in progress but you could see where we were going with it and we got an offer well over asking price within 72 hours. yeah!!! We still had showings of the house - which is - as some of you know... quite busy too especially since both boys are home from school. I felt i clean up one room of all the hot wheels and i turn around and there are sitting like 10 cars again on the floor. They must have a life of their own.

Anyways.. long story short. I am able to take a few days break this week, Monday was our last important appointment and this week on Sunday we are going to start packing our stuff up. We close on the 31. this month on the new house and on ours on the 15. of August. Speaking of the 2 week window to fix the new house at least so its save to move in.

There will be still a lot of time go by until i am even able to unpack my craft stuff to a new space. I spoke with Magnolia and Sir Stampalot and both of them were wonderfully understanding and encouraging with me. I must say i was worried i would be let go because of this long break, but this is a once in a lifetime kind of thing for me and i am happy to be able to give my children a new home where both of them each have their own space and Janice and Magnolia both supported me.
Thank you so much for that!

I will be back in early September! In the meantime i will be reading your blogs on my feed before i go to bed so i am not completely lost whats going on. It feels already like an eternity.

Well again.. Thanks for reading my story :-)
hope you all do very well and i wish you a wonderful summer. See you all very soon.

With Love