Saturday, August 25, 2012

At least a little somethin’ somethin’


I can post today Smile hahaha… I have found those photos on my hard drive and I remembered it has no been published in Magnolia Ink –so I can post this on my blog! I altered  this Prima Marketing tin for the “Pet” issue.

Claudia_Rosa_Kitten Treats_1

gee.. WHAT THE HECK was I thinking to add this cross to the tin lol.. it almost looks like its supposed to be a urn Smilewell. would not that be something DIFFERENT?! hahaha.. need inspiration for some weird stuff – come to my blog lol

Claudia_Rosa_Kitten Treats_4

okay now lets try to overlook that cross, shall we? because what I was trying to make was a treat container!  (not that I would ever use this think as such wink)

Claudia_Rosa_Kitten Treats_5

anyways… here are the supplies I used Smile
Stamps: Magnolia “Tilda with Kitten
Sentiment: Stampin up
Papers: Stampin up
Flowers: assorted Prima Marketing/Recollection/ WOC
die: Lovey die
Oher: cross dollar bin Michaes

Claudia_Rosa_Kitten Treats_2

I am on my final day of the Garage sale.It has not been too good for me. Its always so much work and lifting and its money wise never really done for me but I had a good time with Karen and I got rid of 3 kids bikes which took just space away. Today I want to try to sell 2 more bulky things and I will done. There went my “free and fun” kids free week. I can not believe it. I did not make it once to the movies.